A dear friend introduced me to this blogger recently. Thought I should give it a try. It feels weird writing to no one in particular. Oh well, will see how comfortable I am and decide later if I should continue. I wonder if people who indulge in this is lonely? Am I lonely? Is there no one I could have a face to face conversation with who would be willing to listen to what I have to share? I started writing regularly to a friend recently and it feels really good though she don’t usually respond to them. Yet there is a certain release when I write her. Maybe it’s just us wanting to be heard. Yet, are we being heard in the way we wished really? Still, nothing beats sharing your heart with a real person.

As I’m writings this, I have a glass or merlot on hand and Forest Gump playing in the background. A perfect setting. Ahh, the beauty of solitude and silence. It never fails to connect me with my heart. Never fails to create a sense of wonder and gratitude for this life which, though has seen its share of heartache and disappointments, is at its core a picture of grace. God never fails to amaze me. Just when I was complaining what a boring day it has been, he showed up in a totally unexpected way. A dear friend was sharing how she was caught in an ironic situation. We had a good laugh. All of a sudden the deadness just lifted as I watched in amazement at the progress of her situation. I am most joyful that our prayers have been answered. On my way home, God gently speaks His love to me. I begin to see Him in the many faces that passed by me in the mall and bus terminal, in the song that was plugged into my ears through my iPod. It wasn’t such an uneventful day after all. And now this quiet bliss. I was tickled to tears as I tried to open my bottle of merlot which I’ve decided to get on impulse, determined to celebrate this day. Do we really need a reason to celebrate? Everyday can be a celebration. It’s only a matter of which lens we choose to see our life from. Everyday has it’s fair share of grace and today is no exception.

My fingers are kind of shaky now. The red is getting to me. I’ll have to end here. Blogging is quite fun after all. Will see if I’m in the mood to write again another day.