My soul is grieved within me

The endless waiting

The relentless guessing

Has robbed me of my joy

Was it in vain that I have loved

In vain that I have cared

Your silence haunts me

Your indifference pierced my soul

I have sought to love

Thought it was complete

Only to find myself wanting

Perpetually waiting

A sign of acceptance

A simple word

Would have suffice

But there was none

Silence prevail

O wretched soul

How deceived you are

Was your love a bargain?

Was not your joy in giving?

Seek to comfort

Than to be comforted

To understand, than to be understood

To love, than to be loved

By self-forgetting you will find

A love so true, so divine

Here I am

Hanging on the precipice

Should I pursue, should I linger

Per chance you are waiting

For a message….a call

To know that someone cares

Will I ever know

Should I restrain myself

Will it cause you to grow cold

And put out the light in your eyes

like you did mine?

O the anguish of my soul

Nay, I will not

Be there a chance

A ray of light

Pierced thru the night

My call can bring

I shall risk it all

And make that call

To see that light continue burning

A love that gives

And not demand

Have I received

And so I freely give

composed in June 04