Several months ago, RBC’s Bill Crowder gave a conference on Facing Life’s Challenges. It was one of the most inspiring talk I ever attended. Among all that he shared, I remember most of all, the way he helped us see our life through heaven’s eyes. I invite all to run the race of life with me with renewed hope and joyful expectation!

Your Life is A Beautiful TapestryOur lives in the hands of God, is like a tapestry – a piece of fabric where different color threads are woven throughout to form a distinctive pattern on the other side. The front shows how the different color threads are being woven into a grand design. But on the other side, the view is anything but beautiful. There are lots of dark threads, crosses, knots and threads running randomly. Much like these tapestries, God uses everything (signified by the different color threads) in our life and weave them in accordance with his purposes. His priority is to build our character. Like a potter working on his clay, God carefully molds us. He might need to reshape us again and again, pulling out bits and pieces of stones or impurities and sometimes flattening us and restarting again till he has achieved what he desires for us. We might never see the beautiful side of our tapestry, especially when our lives are anything but lovely. But in the midst of it all, God is patiently and silently weaving our lives together – every experience, every heartache, every triumph, every disappointment, every victory. He wastes nothing but uses everything. Nothing happens by chance if God is working in our lives. Every encounter is a divine appointment. No matter how hard life is, remember that God is in control. God can use all of our life’s experiences to bring about good. We don’t have to know all the whys. But we need to trust God to work out his purposes in our life in his own way and time.

The 4 Commandments (when the going gets tough)

1. Don’t allow pain & trials to affect your love for God and your service to others

2. Don’t allow pain and trials to destroy you. Let it build you instead.

3. Don’t allow disappointment with people to effect your trust in God

4. Don’t be in a hurry. In other words, be patient. Let God do his work. He is making a tapestry in your life.