well hellooO there! you’ve been missing a couple of weeks. got lost or somethin?yeah….kinda found some new entertainment. was too caught up exploring them.

let me see, it’s been weeks since i last blogged here. it was a CRAZY month.

don’t know if i should count myself blessed or cursed to have so many choices of entertainment. first there was mr. blogger, then comes idol, frienster and the latest totally cool, MSN messenger. ya i know i’m more than behind time. it comes with age……and lots and lots of other responsibilities.

hey, all of us owe it to ourselves to keep up with the times no? just need to learn how to prioritize and get our fat ass movin.

i mean, i am simply amazed at how much the human species have advanced. whatever program you’re indulging in right now was birth out of an idea. as the matter of fact, at this very moment that i am punching away on my keyboard, my dear friend is at home probably doing the same thing. BUT the miracle is that we can strike up a conversation in an instant. for those who are expert multi-taskers, they can do both at the same time and some more. working on something while engaging in a private converstion. all without having to dress up and leave home nor even use our voice box. for all you know we can very well be naked and the other party would not have a clue! nahh…of course i’m dressed. now do you realise what you would be missing without your hands?

isn’t it amazing that of all the animal species, humans are the only ones who have the capability to bring reality out of an idea? doesn’t it completely blow your mind when you consider the enormous potential of the human mind? which is why, i find it hard to believe we have apes as our ancestors. pardon me but if it was true, mind telling me what are those furry looking creatures sitting in the near by zoo?

just my two cents worth….

right, i’m crossing over to my friend in a bit. it’s not nice to keep her waiting. and yes, it works at the click of a mouse.

meantime, dare to dream BIG cos you know what potential lies in an idea.