Last week marks the end of Idol Mania – the latest sensation that has swept Singapore by storm. If any of you think this is just another reality show, you are wrong. Never has the people of this tiny island been so passionate about local talent. From pre-schoolers to grannies, all of us are infected with it – the idol fever. Hell, even the President came for the Final Showdown! I wonder why no one asked whose camp he was in.I am a faithfull fan of His-Slyness. Now you must understand this is a very brave statement to make because it automatically earns me the label “Lian”. So I’m now technically speaking, an “Ah Lian”. For the benefit of my non-Singaporean readers, an Ah Lian is described in the Singlish dictionary as “a name given to Hokkien (a chinese dialect) speaking female with equally poor fashion sense”. But hey, I’m not complaining.

My idol, Sylvester (Sly for short), is an ordinary guy with extrodinary charm. Now of course I’m being biased. But who isn’t? He has turned my world and those of other Slyers upside down, at least for a couple of months. This is the first time I’ve voted for anything or anyone. For some mysterious reason, Sly has this magical power over grown ups too, sending us into a punching frenzy on our mobiles. This sort of behavior is understandable and therefore forgiven if I am a giggly school girl who knows that 5566 is not the latest winning number of a 4-D draw. No, I’m a rational (well, that’s put on hold for a while), simple working adult who spends most of her leisure time reading and whose only music for the past couple of years has been CCM (Contemporary Christian Music).

So much for being spiritual and self-controlled.

Now that the hysteria has died down somewhat, though the number of Sly FCs (fanclubs) are steadily increasing, and I have time to think about what has gotten over me for a good couple of months, my answer to the FAQ (frequently asked question) “What is it about Sylvester that captured your heart?” is “Sly makes ordinary Ah Bengs (the male version of Lians) glamorous”. It essence, he is a model of hope to everyone whose dreams were crushed because somewhere along their life some body told them they couldn’t do this or that because they lacked this or that.

Although Sly did not emerged the winner on Dec 1st, we Slyers will always carry that glimmer of hope in our hearts. For us, he is already a winner to have overcomed all the odds to be in the finals.