The last couple of weeks have been madness for me. So many things to do with so little time to accomplish them. The week leading up to Christmas was especially hectic. Although I was on leave from work, I had less time for myself than I thought I would. When things get to this stage, some sacrifices have to be made. We only have 24 hours in a day no matter how much we try to stretch it. So we really should quit hanging on to this false hope and start using the energy to choose our activities wisely. But frankly, when the Martha syndrome hits, how many of us still has the mental capacity to carefully evaluate our options? It’s almost like we do not have a choice but to be swept by it. There seems to be no stopping once we get into that mode. I know it’s a lame excuse and a false idea that we do not have control over how busy we allow ourselves to get. But….That was the way I felt.

Let me try to make a quick checklist of what I’ve managed to squeeze in for the past few of weeks.

  1. Tried to keep up with news on Sly. That entails time spent scouring over forums.
  2. Kept Mom company throughout her 3.5 weeks stay here. That essentially includes the time-consuming activity of shopping!
  3. Kept children occupied throughout their year-end holiday. That was an even greater challenge.
  4. Sent my son to and from church camp which was way out in the city center, for a few days straight. For a person who takes public transport, that was a little of a hassle.
  5. Sent my son to and from his language class every weekend.
  6. Had my long overdue haircut. I felt super fresh after that.
  7. Attended a CCIS briefing. But I forgot to attend the Dedication Service the week after.
  8. Faithfully attended all my guitar lessons and sharpened my new found skill religiously every day. I still have a long way to go.
  9. Finally went for a blood lipid test to access my risk for heart disease. Thank God I’m physically healthy in that category.
  10. Caught up with 3 friends over dinner and movie on 3 separate days. In my zeal to fulfill my promise to catch Alexander with my best friend, I choose to bear with my gastric flu (of maybe it was food posing, I’m not sure) and went ahead with it despite feeling queasy and feverish the whole time. I was so sick in the middle of the subway ride that I missed a stop and exited at the next stop instead of making a U-turn, just so I could go throw up in the nearest loo. It was the most agonizing 3-hour movie I’ve ever watched!
  11. Was on duty for CCIS at Orchard for a day.
  12. Attended a SERIES of lunches and dinners with my brother, in-laws, brother and his in-laws, brother and my in-laws, brother and mum…. You get the picture.
  13. Prepared the kids for their new school year. Stationeries, books, tuition, uniforms and the likes.
  14. Attended my church’s Christmas Concert at Orchard. A most rewarding experience in exchange for 3 hours of standing! Chii, if you’re reading this, yes the musicians played for 3 hours straight! That guy with the electric guitar was totally cool. God bless their talented souls. We had a jolly good time. Our Music Ministry is simply one of the best in town. Glenn and Jaime, the newly weds, were there and so was Jacintha (yes, Dick Lee’s ex). The emcee (forgot his name) was as hilarious as ever. Totally engaging. And of course Ronny’s impersonation of Elvis gave the late King of Rock n Roll a good run for his money. There were also the trios with Bee Gees’ Staying Alive, Jesus’s style. Simply SUPERB! And of course our all time favorite, Angie and Adeline. Special applause to Karen our keyboardist cum Music Director for her spiritually enriching composition, Love Is Within Us (not sure if that is the actual title of the song). Keep it up you people!
  15. Prepared for Christmas Eve dinner cum get-together with family and close relatives. That was my first time hosting a ‘party’ for non-immediate family members. Hosting has never been my cup of tea. Being a very organized person by nature makes such events highly stressful. You can see me fretting over every small detail. I actually gave everyone a timeline of what to finish and by what time. The entire house had to be spotless and ready an hour before guests arrive! I hope these people are not expecting me to do it every year. It was quite a success nevertheless.
  16. And who can escape the all the gift wrapping and shopping during this festive season. This year, I did not send out any greeting cards except for one. Didn’t have enough time nor energy for extensive wrapping and cards. BUT this year I gave out the most number of gifts! There are just so many people I want to show my appreciation to for their friendship, kindness and generosity. Actually the cards have always been a necessity because I want to make it a point to spread the message and remind one another of the real meaning for Chritsmas. So I am quite disappointed with myself for not sending them this year.
  17. Squeezed in an entry or two for my blog.

Now there is one more task for me to complete before the finale on 31st Dec. And that is to dismantle the Christmas tree and all the Christmas decorations. A mammoth of a task I must say.

But something was missing in all these busyness. I’ve neglected my time with Jesus.

“Martha, Martha,” Jesus answered, “you are worried and upset about many things, but only one thing is needed….”.

To spend time with Him.

Joy will replace our weariness. Fruitfulness will replace our busyness.