I can’t believe this. It’s freaking 4:20 am now and I’ve been awake since 2! Darn the rain. Blast it for waking me with its incessant splattering on my foggy bedroom window. A million other thoughts began to intrude my space soon after. Mindless stuff all of them. At one point, The Incredibles dropped by to say hello. Mr Incredibles and his family! I’m sure Elastigirl would not be pleased to have me pay Jack Jack a visit at 3 in the morning. Oh why can’t all of them just leave me a alone for heaven’s sake? In another hour or so, I’ll have to be up to prepare for the day. And my mind is VERY much alive right now.What should I do, what should I do?tap, tap, tap ………What do people normally do at 4 in the morning?

tap, tap, tap ………

They do their devotions.

That’s a good idea but I do not have anything to say to Jesus right now except ‘Can you knock me out flat in a jiffy, Lord?’

Perhaps God wants me to do some soul searching with the extra time on hand. I’ve been neglecting the Lord a lot lately. I feel bad.

Recently, I’ve been drafting in my mind about what to blog for my last entry for 2004. I was thinking of doing sort of a summary on all the highs and lows of this year and my thoughts about them and on the things which I hope to straighten out for the coming year. One of them is to re-establish my focus on the Lord and continue my passion for reading. Life really does begin fall apart somewhat when we loose sight of the One who holds everything together. It first starts with a loose thread here and there. Soon enough, it begins to unravel and you realize you’re beginning to loose it’s original design and the end result would be a badly out of shape piece of your life.

Yes, I need to set my priorities straight for 2005. Jesus, you know I need your grace for that. One major lesson for me this year, that I should never think of myself as beyond anything. Many things are possible given the right circumstances. Do not over estimate ourselves.

That was a sneak of my last blog of the year. I shall restrain myself for now and think of something else to write about.

tap, tap, tap ……


I think I’ll go work on my other draft. Sure doesn’t look like I’d be getting any sleep within an hour, so might as well.