My wish for the year 2005 is pretty simple. I want above all things, that God helps me to adopt the ‘Mary’ position, which is to take time to sit at Jesus’ feet to drink and draw from him. Plainly speaking, to spend time with Jesus. Incidently, pastor expounded on this passage of scripture last Sunday. I see it as a confirming sign.

I don’t think it is a coincidence then that a f ew of my co-workers are setting up a Christian support group to pray for one another, care for each other and provide mutual encouragement in our spiritual walk. I remember 2 years back, I thought to myself how wonderful it will be to have such a meeting at the work place. It was just a thought, sort of like a wish then. God must have picked up on that and viola, the answer came 2 years later!

God provided us the vision and then the place for it. I am glad someone finally obeyed and put it into action. We had our first meeting this afternoon. After hearing each others testimony , it became clear to us how much we needed this.

However, putting a bunch of imperfect people together could spell disaster though the vision itself is God given. I know how varied goals and expectations, character differences, pride and basically our broken self, can turn a God given vision like this into nothing more than a social gathering of surface level fellowship. It can become a time when people gather to pat each other on the back and congratulate one another on what a wonderful and spiritual bunch of people we are. We give polite answers and share about how wonderful life is instead of coming clean and help carry each others burden. Perhaps it is because we are afraid to reveal too much of ourselves and putting ourselves in a vulnerable position to avoid getting hurt. But to make this work we have to take the risk, though I would add, with much discernment. I am not against people having a wonderful life, afterall isn’t that what everyone hopes to achieve someday? though the ideal life may hold different meaning for all of us. After a few years as a christian I know it is not always sugery and sweet. So I hope all of us will quit the cover-up and just be honest. The christian life may not be the ‘wonderful life’ my next door neighbour covets It is a life that goes beyond that – a life with a purpose.

Needless to say it is vital for us to depend on God to help us achieve the vision. Though I foresee there will be hiccups here and there, as long as we continue to rely on God I’m confident He will turn them into spiritual lessons for everyone.

So yeah, I hope this works out to be a God glorifying and a spiritually enriching time for all of us. It is also my dream that one day, God will use it to be a blessing to others in our work-place.