Lunch this afternoon was magical.

Lunching alone was the norm for me in the past. Which was really quite alright actually. I have always enjoyed the quiet times alone. But lately a friend has been keeping me company. We lunch so often together these days that I’m worried her other friends might get all green eyed. It’s reassuring to see how we have grown so comfortable with each other over the years.

But today she wanted to touch base with her other friends and I gave her all my blessings!

So I’m on my own. After a quick bite I had a sudden impulse to take a walk at the nearby park. Though the sun was merciless, the constant breeze was a refreshing welcome. I miss those times when I used to take refuge in the little corner in our office my muslim friends used for prayers. I would draw the curtains and just sit there to read or play my favourite songs. It was also the place of endless prayers for a friend. Back at the old office, there was only concrete buildings everywhere. The only trees were those that lined the pavements. The new office location is truly a gift from God. That’s how I see it. It is so serene here. We have 2 beautiful parks with little ponds and bridges dotting the entire landscape.

So I found myself a deserted spot and just lay there, soaking in the wonder around me as songs of praise and worship streamed through my iPod. As I reclined on the ground and watch the birds chasing each other in circles above the bridge, I felt a deep hunger to have someone there with me. Not far away above the sky, a plane flew passed towards the nearby airport. A clear blue spread across the heavens, spotted with soft fluffy clouds. For a moment I thought I caught a glimpse of paradise. Lord, have I ever told you how wonderful you are? I’m sorry for the times that I have looked upon my lack instead of your abounding grace. I did not thank you enough for making the trees green and the skies blue when you could have made everything black and white. And for this little heaven instead of a tiny corner with four grey walls. And Who was it that planted a melody in my heart and taught me how to dance? Is it not you?

In spite of all the turmoil this world has seen, this place we call earth is still a lovely place afterall. There are treasures hidden everywhere we go. Though we often missed it.

My Jesus was with me this afternoon.

Lord, let’s do lunch again?