This must be the longest I’ve been away from blogging.

There are several reasons why I have not been blogging. Firstly, there were some areas in my life that needed my attention. Second, although quite a few issues came up the past month that would have been excellent blogging topic, I simply do not have the inspiration to put them into words. There are just some moments when silence is the only appropriate word to use.

And in between, are days when there is nothing worth blogging about. Days when nothing particularly interesting happened. Actually that describes 70% of our life, or mine at least. I can’t help feeling that this period of ordinary existence can be a great test of faith. I mean, we are more likely to pray and feel our dependency for God down at the valley and more likely to offer thanksgiving and praise when we are at the mountaintop. It is during the in-betweens that we forget we exist for a purpose.

I hope to be putting up something soon. That reminds me, I’ll need to solve the connectivity problem of my home PC as soon as possible.