This week I am bored. Really bored. I couldn’t get my weekly fix from rlp ‘cos he has decided to go into hiding for a month. Poor guy. I understand how he feels ‘cos I went through a similar episode not long ago. We all need to take a time-out regularly to think about our priorities and the direction we are heading. Take time away from our many distractions to listen to that inner voice.

Chii whom I chat with regularly on Messenger and emails, is also out of touch due to some technical problems on her end. That adds to the boredom.

So last night I decided to clean up my Flickr account and reorganize the photos. I have not really worked on it right from the start because I didn’t think I would be sharing it much. You see, I’m not much of a photographer. Now that I’ve cleaned it up a bit I thought perhaps I should share it here. I was blog browsing yesterday and find it quite a pretty idea. There isn’t much in there at the moment but I hope to be able to add more soon, especially if they are relevant to my entries.

So please bear with me……and my amateurish snaps.