Ok, this is really REALLY bad. This seems like a bad year for my electronic “toys”. Earlier this year, my iPod died on me. That same death sentence was passed to my digital camera yesterday. Just when I wanted to start working on my pics again.

I was so horrified when my iPod died that I literally (out of desperation) commanded it to start in Jesus’ name!

It was a month and 2 new replacements later that I finally was able to have music on the go.

I am now agonizing over whether I should get my Minolta fixed (which will costs me $150 with 3 months guarantee) or just read it it’s last rites and get myself a new one.

If any of you have a good recommendation for digital cameras for amateurs like me, please let me know. Meanwhile, Flickr will have to take an unexpected sabbatical.

So much for modern technology.