Sylvanian Family 009
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Recently I bought my daughter a set of Sylvanian Families for her 4th birthday. These little miniature families never fail to capture my heart. They and their cosy cottage homes, apron clad moms busying themselves in the kitchen while her little ones plays in the yard. If you’ve seen them displayed in the stores, you’ll know what I mean. They have their own school, hospital, bakery and almost everything imaginable. Together, they form a community of their own. Very much separated from the real world. In our world where dysfunctional families are the norm and neighbors are strangers, these little creatures give us a glimpse, in their own way, of the ideal family and community life that we all yearn for. Where mommys are mommys, daddys are daddys, children are children and neighbors are friends. They show us that the challenges of living together need not be something to be feared or avoided but rather provide the opportunity for us to build a home not of bricks & mortar but of love and commitment. It is in overcoming the daily odds together that makes a family a family.

It is odd that I should be speaking on the subject of family when my own is dysfunctional, at least that is what I think. Knowing my relationship with my husband will make a believer out of you. A believer in the the sanctity of divorce. I am quite surprised therefore, that we have not travelled that road. I wonder what might become of us and the children if we did. Will it be for the better? or is this the better? My sister-in-law who survived her husband’s affair thought ours is a problem of communication. Surely not something beyond salvation or at least as damaging as an affair. While she might be right, I couldn’t help wonder if an affair is more of a threat than two individuals who bring out the worst in each other. See, that is our problem. We make devils out of one another. Definately not conducive for a Sylvaninan-type family don’t ya think?