My Cell

Sometimes modern technology can be more of a curse than a blessing. Devices meant to create convenience can rob us of quality time we would otherwise have with people we care about. They distract us from being present to the moment. They can be really annoying but the blame is not entirely theirs. We choose to allow them to intrude on our time.

I had a weekend planned with a friend the other day and was looking forward to some quality time together. Unfortunately our date was marred by frequent interruptions of her cell phone. From the onset, that little device was beeping endlessly. Shortly after we got into the cab it beeped again. She responded and spent the most part of the journey punching on her keypad. If that is not annoying enough, a call came in just as we reached our destination. She took that call and missed some wonderful moments. That wasn’t the end of it. There were some more and they all seem to send the same signal. That those calls are a priority over our time together. I know she does not mean it that way. Hell, I don’t think she even suspect I am annoyed.

It was then that I realized I am also guilty of it. I do not own a cell phone until 2 years ago. Yes, I know. Where have I been right? I do not really have a need for it thus far. Besides, I was glad to be free from it’s control, unlike some of my friends who can’t seem to have a life without it. So when I first owned this little piece of communication tool I told myself I’d only use it only when it’s absolutely necessary and will not let it control my social life. For the most part, I fulfilled it. I do not respond to it when I am with people I care about or when I am in church. But I realize I have slacken a little lately. Just a few weekends ago I replied to a sms while having dinner with another friend. It’s a friend I would give anything to spend time with, let alone allow a cell phone to steal our time. No chance. I would shut the damn thing at the first beep. But now I have the audacity to text for a full minute in her face. I am disgusted with myself.

Have I become so familiar with these people that I have taken their company for granted? I guess I have. And I regret it a thousand times.

From this day on, I am renewing my vow not to let that piece of metal have it’s way at the expanse of my treasured times with my friends and loved ones unless genuinely urgent. Let the world wait. I want to be fully present for the people I care about.