I’m currently out of interesting topics to blog about. Instead of leaving it empty for weeks, I figure I’d write about a few tales I’ve heard in church.

The Temple Mediums

Last Sunday Pastor Mark shared an account of a grieving family’s encounter with temple mediums. An old lady was dying of a certain illness (I can’t recall what it was). She was in a comatose state. No one in he family is a believer except for her granddaughter (or was it her daughter, I can’t remember). On her dying bed, her granddaughter told her about Jesus. She placed her hand in hers and said,

“Would you like to receive Jesus grandma? If you do, just squeeze my hand.”

She felt granny’s hand pressing onto hers and watch a teardrop trail down her face.

3 days later, granny slept and never woke.

At the funeral, there was nothing granny needed except a Bible placed on her chest under her folded arms. It was a Christian funeral. The rest of the family was worried she would be deprived of “possessions” in the netherworld. In Chinese tradition, the deceased should have various essential items to accompany them so as to be assured of a comfortable life in the netherworld. So the mourning family will burn replicas of anything they think the deceased might need there, from essentials like clothing, to luxury items like mobile phones and mansionette. Some even have a private jet. Tons of dollar notes and gold bars is the least you can do for them. All made of paper and to be burned for the deceased.

This family was worried the old lady might be in dire straits since she did not bring anything with her except a Bible. So on the 49th day (the day they believe her soul would be released for a while), they thought it best to consult the temple mediums, to summon granny’s spirits from the netherworld and ask if she needed anything. The family watched as the medium danced round and round, chanting as if in a trance. After what felt like hours, the medium got frustrated.

“Are you sure you’ve given me the right birthdate and zodiac sign?”

They said they did, and Mr medium tried again, to no avail.

“Something is not right.”

“Why, what is it?”

“What kind of funeral did she have?”

“A Christian one. She receive Jesus on her death bed.”

Exasperated, Mr medium said

“Why did you not tell me earlier?”

“Why, what’s the problem?”

“Don’t you know Christians go straight to heaven when they die? I have been trying for hours but could not locate her because I was searching below (Hades)! And now you’re telling me she is Christian. Of course I wouldn’t be able to find her there.”

You might laugh. Nevertheless it was a true account told by someone in that family (probably the granddaughter) to Pastor Mark himself. It’s amazing when you actually hear nonbelievers confirm what the Bible says. I’ll continue with more stories over the next 2 days or so. Stay tuned.