Gosh. I’m so bored. It’s been very quiet here without my friend. She has been away for more than a week and still has another week to go. I’m surprised I take this separation much better than I thought I would. Apart from boredom I am pretty much alright. *big smile* Anyone who is in the know about how I handled it the first time will know this is HUGE progress. Sure, I still miss her lots but no longer with that “aching unto death” sort of feeling. Hahaha…..

I know, I know. It sounds real silly but sometimes we do down right silly things without regrets, don’t we? Ahhh…..but that’s part of being human no? (hah…excuses excuses) To be able to feel a wide range of emotions, now that’s a gift. Yes, I’m saying emotions, feelings and desires are as much a gift of God as faith, love and hope. It is NOT unspiritual to have feelings or desires. (i can almost hear the charge of blasphemy coming. might just receive some flak for this) I believe they are there for a purpose. They can steer our heart towards the giver of all things good. I know there is a danger they might be abused or misinterpreted. But hey, almost any good gift can be abused. God gave us vineyard that bring forth wine and what do we do with it? We overdose. Drug was meant to be a gift of healing but we abuse that too and become addicted. Sex was God’s idea of intimate pleasure but we perverted it and now it’s considered by many as evil. Even faith can be abused. Some of us have more faith in our faith than in God. I can go on and on.

I think our problem is not that we have too much or too little of anything. I think our problem is that we suffer from amnesia too easily. An effect of the Fall, perhaps? We forget the purpose for which they exist. The moment we take our eyes off the giver and unto the gift, that’s when we begin to abuse them.

Alright, I’m not sure if I’m making any sense. It happens when I’m bored.

Have a great weekend. I’m looking forward to next week!