Today I looked Deception in it’s face. I stared long and hard at it, refusing to budge when everything in me wanted to close the door to shut out it’s horrendous image. My Friend, my dearest and truest friend, had held the door open so I may take a good look at it. He had brought me to this door many times over the recent years but each time I would shut it as soon as I glimpsed it’s rotting flesh. How could this be? The Deception I knew was handsome and charming, altogether lovely to behold. This couldn’t be. I saw the sorrow in my Friend’s eyes.But yesterday, he held the door long enough for Reality to step in. I hung my head, knowing what lies ahead. Lovingly and gently, my Friend stretched forth his hand and lifted my head towards Deception. With a heavy heart I let the nauseating vision fill my consciousness. When I couldn’t take it anymore and my heart dripped with sorrow, I turned to my Friend.

But he did not say a word.

He cupped my face in his hands and looked me in the eye……….and smiled the most tender and reassuring smile. I wanted to tell him how sorry I am to have betrayed him, to have allowed Deception to bring me to the chambers of Fantasy and Escape. But Reality has caught up with me and now I see. I took one last look at Deception………. and walked away…….hand in hand with my Friend, my first love.