Bono, at the recent National Prayer Breakfast described a 2002 visit to Soweto, South Africa, where he talked with a young widower trying to decide whether to keep his life-saving AIDS drugs for himself or give them to the woman he had come to love.

“He said, ‘I can give her my drugs and my children can lose their last parent, or we can share the drugs and both die slowly, or I can keep the drugs and lose, for the second time, my love,’ Bono recalled. “I stood there thinking, This is barbaric. This is actually barbaric.”

And imploring an audience of 3000 to response to the United States’s urgent responsibility to help “the least of these”,

“Imagine a so called Christian society with absolute capability to save lives in africa that fails to act. You can explain that to the budget appropriators, but you can’t explain it to god. He will not accept that excuse, and history won’t.”

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Bono. The man for the hour.