I was at Disney On Ice’s Princess Classics skating extravaganza last night with my daughter. Watching the graceful moves of the skaters to familiar Disney tunes was like living a part of my dream. Not Disney but ice-skating I mean. I have fantasized about it ever since I watched it in the Olympics as a young girl and wished I had the opportunity to learn this art. To me it is a dance more than a sport. I would wish I was born in places where ice-skating rings are not as scarce as it is this side of the equator, where summer is year round! Watching these performances was the closest I could get to a dream come through. Music & dance are the other two things, besides good writing, that could touch me at my soul. My imagination would transport me to a vast skating arena every time I listen to a lovely tune and I would imagine myself skating gracefully to the tune. Never mind if there are no audience. Just me giving expression to the music is reward enough. I told God before I went to bed last night that I want to be able to skate like that when I get to Heaven, just for him.

I did not have much exposure to music or dance when I was young. Neither was there much opportunity to pick-up these skills. We live a very ordinary life. The culture where I grew up in prizes practicality above arts. Music and the arts were considered a luxury meant more for the upper class. I am not ashamed of my childhood. My parents gave the best they could and I honor them for it. Besides, I suspect I might not have the inner gifting for it either. It is quite a thrill to me that I am learning to play the guitar now, the only thing I could afford in terms of time and money. And it is the first time I learn how to read music notes! I have in mind to enrol myself in a dance class sometime in the future too.

The Princess Classics is the best Disney On Ice production I’ve seen so far. Perhaps like most girls, I am a princess at heart. I love the set (complete with fireworks and castle), the costumes, the songs, the choreography….everything. There were a few similar performances from previous shows but there are a lot more new ones. Definitely a feast to the eyes and ears. Watch out for the Mulan segment. It’s superb. And the choreography for the 5 princesses was truly divine.

I will reveal more of my other secret dreams sometime soon. Meanwhile, you can find me skating in La La Land.