Hooray! The day and time finally came for me to sit for my guitar exam. I’ve prepared 1.5 year for this day and it came and went in 10 minutes flat! I think I did alright in only 2 out of 4 categories. Well….we’ll see how it goes. The results will be out within a month. Now I am happy just having time to learn some other pieces besides the 6 exam pieces I have been playing everyday for the past couple of months. Arghh…..

While on my way to Gluttons Bay to feast and chill after the exam I chance upon the Mosaic Music Festival featuring the very best of jazz and world music at the Esplanade. This edition’s star-studded lineup consists of internationaly-celebrated names as well as established Asian musicians and homegrown talents, all coming together to present an exhilarating blend of funk, jazz, bossa nova, Afro-Cuban jazz, African and world music, and many more. This is my first experience with the festival and I was impressed by both the music and the general festive atmosphere. The crowd was an appreciative and spontaneous lot, which makes it all the more fun.
I had the chance to sample a variety of music from both local and foreign talents I otherwise would not have known. It was truly quality stuff. My favorite performance during the short period that I was there (they were already into the last 3 days of the festival) was from the homegrown band, <a href=”E.I.C. I enjoyed it so much that I couldn’t help but stay for their last segment.

But all these feels empty without someone to share it with. So as with every good experience, the way to enrich it was to share it. Unfortunately none of my friends are keen, so I brought my kids instead the next day and they too had a great time feasting on hawker fare, enjoying the evening breeze and the skyline by the Singapore River and of course jiving their butts away! My little girl had such a thrill dancing to the salsa beat that she chose to stay behind at the music station instead of exploring the festival grounds with us. I am certainly looking forward to next years festival.

We are really fortunate to be living in a nation that values art and music.