Have you ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes at your church every Sunday? What does it feel like to be part of the team instead of a just spectator? Last Sunday, I had the honor and privilege of serving God for the first time in a church setting. I was scheduled to help prepare the elements of the Lord’s Supper. Over at our church, celebrating the Lord’s Supper is a weekly affair. Until last Sunday, I did not realize how much coordination and teamwork was required to ensure everything runs smoothly for 2 thousand people on 3 separate floors over 4 services. We had to work with a very diverse group of people; from doctors to business people, grandmas to teenagers. It was heart warming to see everyone doing their part out of a heart of thanksgiving and honor to God. Running a megachurch (a little on that later) is like running a huge organization. There are many details to take care of. We need that kind of structure in a large church or else there will be chaos every week. At the same time we must not be too caught up with the externals to the extent that we loose touch with individual lives and with God. So there must be priority and balance. The person who heads the running of such a church has a tremendous responsibility. When you consider the fact that the majority of these people are volunteers of such diverse groups, you’ll be amazed when things runs smoothly week in and week out. And you’ll know there is no way this can happen in the natural, except by the grace of God.

I do not like the way some people use the word “megachurch”. There is nothing wrong with the word but it has been used mostly in a disparaging way by people who feels that size, good organization and prosperity should not be synonymous to a church. In the past, I would feel a strong urge to defend my church because I know the good that God is doing through the church. In the past I also feel the need to defend my God to scoffers. There was this tendency to want to explain. But God has since shown me that He does not need my defense. He is bigger than any accusations, criticism or doubts. And if his blessing is upon a particular church, whether it is a megachurch or a house church, nothing will prevail against it.God uses different churches to meet different needs.