I am feeling very irritable today. Everyone and everything seems to get on my nerves. It would be best to stay away from people but my job won’t allow that. I have been in service oriented jobs all my life, though with the current one I am serving a different group of people. It’s very strange how my work-life turns out actually. I was never a people-oriented person by nature. Most times I am the opposite. Quiet. Distant. Detached. I don’t know how is it that all the companies I’ve worked for could have missed that. 17 years of heavy human interaction has rubbed off on me somewhat. No, I’m nowhere near Ms Extrovert. But I think it has given my personality a needed balance. So what we think is a wrong job match could turn out for our benefit if we allow it. Otherwise it could take as long as 17 years for God to mold a certain part of our character. He never stops molding us for His purposes.

And the job I’m in now? It’s the best match so far. Sure there are irritable moments like today and they’re real but so are the blessed days.