I have been on caffeine overdose since last Saturday. These are what I’ve been force feeding myself the past 5 days.

1 x Starbucks Frappucinno
2 x Cappuccino
1 x Espresso
2 x Double espresso
1 x Double Espresso + Nescafe + Milo
1 x Double Espresso + Ceylon Tea (absolutely horrid)
1 x extra thick black coffee, chinese style
1 x 2 shots of Absolut Ruby Red

Today is the sixth day. Enough is enough. I’m staying clean. My mouth has already broken out in ulcers because of it…….I think. According to the chinese theory of yin and yang with regards to food, coffee is considered “yang” which means it will generate internal body heat. Mouth ulcers are a symptom of excessive internal body heat. So there you have it.

The reason for this “indulgence” is because I need to induce at least one episode of heart palpitation within this 2 weeks. I’ve finally gotten down to seeing a cardiologist to root out the cause of a series of palpitations, accompanied by chest pains, which has increased in frequency since late last year. I’ve been put through a couple of test including an echocardiogram. The results are not out yet. The deliberate coffee overdose was because the occurrence of these palpitations does not follow any particular pattern or trigger for my case. However I have noticed that coffee and sometimes alcohol, tend to make my heart more vulnerable. So is excessive emotional and psychological stress. What my doctor had decided to do was to loan me a 14-day Event Monitor. That’s $65 for 2 weeks by the way. It is a device used to record an ECG outside the hospital. It’s very portable and pretty easy to use. During this time, I should try to induce an episode of palpitation if necessary so that it can be transmitted back to the hospital for my doctor to investigate. The best way I know how I could do that it is to drink coffee because the last time I had one, it almost knocked me out – and it wasn’t even an espresso. Thus the list above. But guess what? It just WON’T come! The other odd thing is that I did not even experience the same severity of symptoms I usually to get with coffee. I slept like a baby too. Palpitation? The closest I get was an extra skip or two at irregular times, which makes it quite impossible to have time to attach the electrodes on my body and plug in the device. At first I thought I should wear it 24/7 so that all I will need to do is to press the button when it happens. But that would leave me looking like a walking suicide bomber! So I did the next best thing – bring it with me everywhere I go.

I wonder if this lack of “event” has anything to with my improved emotional and psychological state. Ever since a message pastor preached 2 Sundays ago, the dark cloud that had been hovering over me for months seemed to be clearing and completely gone after last week’s bible conference. Talk about the impact the Word of God has. I want to thank everyone who has kept me in their prayers.

A recording during palpitation is the best way towards an accurate diagnosis. I do not know what my doctor will suggest next. The monitor is due to be returned tomorrow, after which another device, an Ambulatory Blood Pressure monitor ($95 for 24hrs!), would be strapped on me for 24 hours to monitor my blood pressure. The doctor and nurses freaked out a little when my blood pressure shot up to 202, last Monday. They were concerned when it hovered between 160-200. Unusually high for a women my age, they said. I am 34. Of course they suspected White-Coat Hypertension but prescribed the ABP just to be sure.

Right now, I’m wondering if I should physically exert myself, especially anything that involves bending over or do negative visualization to induce emotional and psychological stress. Perhaps I should also stop feeding myself with positive stuff like Praise and Worship songs for a while. I know it sounds stupid but I have less than 24hrs before I return the device. Suggestions anyone?