“Prayer is a gift from Almighty God that transforms us, whether we bow our heads in solitude, or offer swift and silent prayers in times of trial. Prayer humbles us by reminding us of our place in creation. Prayer strengthens us by reminding us that God loves and cares for each and every soul in His creation. And prayer blesses us by reminding us that there is a divine plan that stands above all human plans.

In the stillness and peace of prayer we surrender our will to God’s will, and we learn to serve His eternal purposes. By opening ourselves to God’s priorities, our hearts are stirred and we are inspired to action — to feed the hungry, to reach out to the poor, to bring aid to a widow or to an orphan or to the less fortunate.”

Here is a list I’ve managed to compile from various sources. They are not in any particular order. Please use them during your own prayer time or as a group. Feel free to modify them as you deem fit.

Please pray for God’s guidance:

  1. That wars and rumors of war are set aside for people to make implements that save life more important that the ability to bring death;
  2. That the voices of peace may be heard over the thunder of clashing armies;
  3. That where no hope for peace seems to exist, that new relationships might bud and” grow to the full flower of a peaceful world.
  4. For Israel, Lebanon, the Palestinians and all nations that seem to be on the brink of aggression and in search of retaliation.
  5. For the leaders of the Middle East that they might find new ways of living together that are not dependent upon military muscle and terrorist raids.
  6. For peace and diplomacy between these two countries and for God to work in the hearts of those most affected by the current situation.
  7. For Lebonan families devastated by the bombing; pray also that humanitarian organizations and local authorities can effectively meet the needs of children and families who have lost their homes, belongings and livelihood.
  8. For an end to the hostilities that have caused serious suffering to the people of Lebanon, Gaza and Israel. T
  9. That political leaders will actively pursue diplomatic solutions and that reconciliation and long-term peace will be the result.
  10. Both Lebanon and Gaza have experienced devastating infrastructure losses with severe shortages of medical services, fuel, food, electricity and water resources. Pray for the hundreds of thousands who have been displaced from their homes and that humanitarian corridors will be opened quickly so that relief supplies can flow effectively to those needing assistance.
  11. For the staff of the various humanitarian organizations being deployed to help with these emergencies, and the leaders and other members of the senior management team as they provide leadership and coordinate their response to this crisis.
  12. A spirit of forgiveness and justice to all sides.
  13. Lebanese Christians (roughly 40 percent of the Lebanese population) would act faithfully, charitably, and boldly, and know that other Christians remember them during this crisis.
  14. Wisdom for political and other leaders to act with wisdom and discernment.
  15. God’s peace and wholeness (shalom) would reign in the region in a way it has not for quite some time
  16. God would be honored in how peace comes

Please see also this list of prayer request from christian leaders in Israel and Lebanon. Feel free to add your own prayer request and links in the comment section.