Last night I received a call from my mother. We talked briefly before I had to hang-up. The kids were waiting for me to take my turn at Giza, a pyramid building board game. I composed myself and tried to hold back tears that were beginning to rim my eyes. There’d be too much to explain to a 5 and 11 year old.

A few days ago, I discovered some papers outlining an instalment repayment plan for stock market contra losses. My husband had chalked up a significant amount of debt – again. The implications are vast and varied. I could rant on and on about it but what good will it do? That is not the purpose of this post.

I want to write instead about the treasure God has hidden for me in the rubble of our financial woes. Because it is a rare thing; to be able to find treasure among ashes. It is the glory of God to conceal a gift, it is the glory of man to search it out.

My mother has always encouraged me to stay strong in the Lord and to trust Him to make a way for us. She has had her share of battles in her own journey. Time will tell how much her faithfulness and perseverance in the Lord has impacted the lives of her children. It would be her greatest contribution to her family, besides introducing us to the Lord. I know her words were not out of ignorance or naiveness but time tested faith. She has been consistently supporting me in prayer and with practical help throughout my troubled marriage.

Last night she offered me her savings. I was immediately humbled. You have to know that my mother has been a housewife her entire life. We were not born in wealth…. but we get by. Both my parents are now retired. The savings she offered me is a gift of love from my eldest brother. She wants me to know that if I’m overwhelmed with payments for my children’s endowment and life policies, which really is a major burden, she wants to relief me of it (ie. I can consider terminating some of them) by financing part of my children’s education through her own savings and with my brother’s help. She hopes to free me up financially to focus on the daily and immediate necessacities. Although the amount seem insignificant considering how much a local university or overseas degree would costs in 10 years time, the meaning behind that gesture is monumental. She also assured me that the rest of the family are ready to provide assistance and support if a need arises. They have discussed among themselves (particularly my eldest brother and my Dad) about a contingency plan if my circumstances should deteriorate.

I am deeply moved by my family’s love and sense of unity. My in-laws have also been very supportive. To have the love and support of our family is one of the greatest treasures we can ever have.

Those were tears of gratitude. One day my children will fully realize, as I am beginning to now, just how blessed we are.