Wanna hear what a gay man living with AIDS in Los Angeles has to say about the Bible? Then, hop on to Bible Versus. I was introduced to it by no other than my favorite rlp. Hugh Elliot has been a cyber friend of rlp since his early days with Real Live Preacher. A gay man and a Southern Baptist, Texas preacher – you might think that make an unlikely friendship but surprise surprise!! Anyway, one day Hugh decided to check out the New Testament and Psalms for himself after watching rlp’s “How To Read The Bible” series which I have yet to watch, and blog his way through it. I know this one’s gonna be interesting and I wasn’t disappointed. Hugh described Bible Versus as a sometimes humorous, spontaneous, honest but always reverent view of God, religion and the New Testament. True enough, it is as he said. I enjoyed it tremendously and I hope you will too.