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I was bored the other day and decided to take this test just for fun. Oh my…. am I fascinated by the amount of information about my personality type (ISFJ). Of course like any other such test, it’s not 100% accurate but this is the closest so far. So do give it a try. You’ll be amazed. To be honest I took the Personality Test (PT) twice while only once for the Multiple Intelligences (most of it are obvious). There are certain questions that are not exactly black and white (referring to the PT). Some of them are pretty subjective, so I had a tough time deciding. I guess no one is over 90% leaning on one side. There is usually a little of the opposite trait as well. So the chart up there is very helpful. As you can see, while I am clearly a “introverted-judging” type with over 80% leaning towards that direction, how I make decisions however, is a balance between feeling and thinking.

Incidentally I am in the right job (administrative) for my personality type (no wonder I last this long). The multiple intelligences test however, suggests quite a different variety…..uh hermm… phychologist, philosopher, theologian, writer. Hmm…… well, you know what, don’t be surprise if I tell you that all of these have at least crossed my mind more than once in recent years. It bet I could actually be one given the right training. Haha. I am not surprised to see that my visual/spatial, music and interpersonal capabilities are all at 50%. I certainly have a keen interest in them. I studied fashion and make-up while I was younger but have always felt a certain “limitation”, thus they never really took off. Now if only I have studied, psychology or philosophy. Oh well. But does anyone know of a career that matches both my personality and intelligences? Hmm…it’s a tough one.

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