I have a bad feeling that my daughter’s friend who lives in the same block as us has a serious illness. My daughter is 7-years old and I think this girl is about 9 or 10 -years old. Shortly after Christmas last year, we did not see her anymore. I found out later from my maid that a mysterious growth, about the size of a child’s fist, appeared out of no where on her thigh the day after a Christmas party which my daughter also attended. She had been in and out of hospital ever since. For reasons unknown, her parents prefer not to have visitors for their child and any form of communication is very limited. I can only guessed that they didn’t want to subject their child to insensitive remarks by other children knowing how little children can be. I heard that the girl has lost her hair. Later I got to know from friends that cancer patients had to be isolated for fear of contracting any viruses or germs due to their weaker immunity from chemo sessions. I was deeply grieved when I heard of her condition and feel a profound sadness for both the girl and her family. It wasn’t too long ago they lost their baby boy. I am not sure what was the cause of that. Whatever it was, I must have also been the reason why the boy could never sit up since birth. The family maid had to carry him on a sarong wherever she goes. It think he was only about 2 years of age when he returned to God. How many times can a parent endure such pain?

I’ve only seen the girl a couple of times and the mother probably only once. I don’t even remember her face now. Most of the time the girl comes over to play with Ashley when I was at work. Sometimes my girl will also play at her house. I know that the same group of friends will go down to play at the playground in the evenings. That was all before the mysterious lump showed up. All the other friend’s family are also asking about the girl only to find that the family has isolated themselves. 

My maid and I are very heartbroken over this. My maid who is more familiar with the family, is still in touch with their family maid. It is through her that we receive updates on the girl’s condition. All of us wanted to help in anyway that we can but no one knows how best to approach the family since the parents are adamant about not accepting help and not allowing visitors or phone calls. All these were told to us by the family maid. Nothing we could say or do seems right in light of the situation. I don’t blame the parents for wanting to be left alone or even for feeling angry. They had been put through fire and hell not once but twice. They girl is their only child left. They have every right to feel cheated and disappointed with life and with God. I am just very concerned for the girl’s emotional and psychological well being as well besides her mysterious condition. It is not healthy for a young child to be cut off like that. The other day, I heard from my maid that the girl doesn’t behave like she used to anymore; that sometimes she will have wild mood swings and even laugh to herself. It just breaks my heart hearing it.

If any of you reading this are people of prayer, please join me in prayer for Victoria. I tried a new way of prayer yesterday, called Praying in Color and will be dropping it into her mailbox tonight. I hope it will bring some encouragement to the parents and cheer to the child.


Praying for Victoria