So here’s the thing, there is a man who has not had a stable job for over 5 years. Can’t take criticism, instruction nor correction. Hides his insecurity behind a tough and prideful front. Soft with friends but hard with family. Has difficulty submitting to authority and so got himself kicked out one time to many. Blames everything and everyone for his woes, from the government to the local Ah Pek at the grocery store. Thinks the whole world is against him; every person and institution is out there to “cheat his money”. Believes in quick and easy money. Hoarding and stinging is his way to riches. Has a delusional view that investing money he don’t have in the stock market will somehow payoff someday. Who needs a job when several months pay is possible in a day? That’s his philosophy. When the day comes, that his lucky stars should be in the right position, and he strikes a pot of gold, he will do the responsible and sensible thing and pay off his creditors and give his family a break. No, he puts them gold back into the pot and rolls it. Maybe, just maybe there is a bigger pot, hell no, an entire reservoir of it! – just waiting to be found. So he hogs the TV and the internet half of the day and punches into the calculator for another half before he calls it a day. His maid manages the house and the children in the day before his wife takes over after work in the evening and on weekends. His brothers sponsor some of his groceries and his mother is always there in case of “emergencies”. In any case, there is the fully independent, full-time working wife who also coaches the kids, attends to all their school related programs and meet-the-parent sessions PLUS takes care of their recreational, emotional, social, spiritual (and whatever “als” you can think off) needs. Everything is just perfect. Life comes ready-made.  And so it is to this very day.

May God have mercy on him before he losses both his pot of gold and his family.