Hey ya people, if you’re looking for a hilarious, witty, yet classy read, you’ve got to check this out!


The british edition.

I’ve been a long time fan of his blog, Waiter Rant, way before he got famous and I’ll tell ya, you’ll love this guy! Sometimes, he leaves me in stitches with his honest and brutal take on life behind-the-scenes. Whether you’re depressed, happy or just plain bored, you’re sure to get something out of it. If you’ve ever dined at a restaurant or have waited on tables before, you CANNOT miss this. Besides, he had Anthony Bourdin endorse his book! I hope it’ll make it’s way here when it’s launches next month. If you’re in Britain, lucky you, you have the best cover!

Here’s a sample of one of his earlier rants. And I simply can’t resist mentioning his recent piece, Source Municipal (this is what I mean by humor with style!). If you like them, you’ll love the rest, trust me.