A month ago, while channel surfing, I discovered The Suze Orman Show on CNBC. It’s a talk show where the personality, Suze Orman delivers practical, meaningful and informed, financial advice to people who calls into the show to seek advice on a range of financial issues. Suze tries her best to help by drawing from her wealth of knowledge and experience as a personal financial expert. It is a very informative, engaging and at the same time, entertaining show. I LOVE it. Suze’s reply is always meaningful, honest and very focused. She is not wishy-washy in her replies and always stood by her principles and values – People first, then money, then things. I find that very attractive about a person.

Anyway, one day I decided to check her out and visited her website at suzeorman.com. I was somewhat disappointed because I was expecting a web version of sort of the show but it was not to be. However, what I did find was worth far more than any financial tips or insight from the show. I discovered a human story of great beauty. Here is Suze’s story in a nutshell.

Suze grew up as a kid with speech impediment who, because of that, did not fair very well scholastically. Eventually, she got herself a job as a waitress at a local bakery, took night classes and finally got herself a college degree. She continued waitressing at the bakery, earning about $400 a month, until she was 29 years old! Finally she decided to start her own business but she knows she didn’t have the financial resources to get started. She asked to borrow $20,000 from her parents but felt awful almost immediately because she knew they do not have that kind of money. She felt powerless. One day, a man she had waited on for six years, noticed she wasn’t her cheerful self and asked what was wrong. She told her story. He listened, ate his breakfast and spoke to a few other regulars that morning. Before he left, he walked over to Suze and handed her a personal check for $2000, a bunch of other checks and commitments from other customers totalling $50,000!! and a note that read: THIS IS FOR PEOPLE LIKE YOU, SO THAT YOUR DREAMS CAN COME THROUGH. TO BE PAID BACK IN 10 YEARS, IF YOU CAN, WITH NO INTEREST.

Now, this is what I call a defining moment. Can you believe such generosity and trust? Suze is afterall an almost stranger to the man. How many of us would have done that for a waitress? His name is Fred Hasbrook. It is proper that we should honor such a person. The rest, as they say, is history. Today, Suze is a successful women, all thanks to a stranger who believed and invested in her. Eventually, Fred passed away and this was Suze’s ending note on her story.

Fred passed away a few years ago. I will never forget the man who believed in me, who helped me put aside my shame and rewrite the story history had handed me.

Now isn’t that the most beautiful story you’ve ever heard in a long while? It sure is for me! Never under estimate the value of a seed planted into someone’s life. In due time, we’ll see the harvest and when that time comes, we’ll realize that no investment is ever as rewarding as an investment made in someone’s life. As I blinked away tears that had begun to well in my eyes, I remembered another story – my own. When I was a nobody, trapped in a cycle of purposeless existence and mundane responsibilities, God believed and invested in me. He helped me put aside my shame (and there were many) and rewrite the story history handed me. Now I am a new creation in Christ! Old things have passed away, behold all things have become new.

I will never forget the God who believed in me.

Is there someone who believed and invested in you when you thought your life was over? What difference did that person make in your life? Do share.


Here’s the full version of Suze’s Story in pdf.