The past couple of weeks had been the most challenging period of my life this year, so far. A few significant events unfolded at the home front and I have been busy trying to stay on track. Then came the news of the financial crisis in US which really came at the wrong time, or maybe it was the right time depending on how you look at it. In short, it was an emotionally charged week which left a lot of uncertainties in it’s wake. I wrote an entry in May about God shaking the foundations of the world and along with it, our trust in all things we hold dear. Nothing is safe anymore. Relationships can disintegrate, the earth can split, banks can go bankrupt, even insurance giants, the people whom you thought could give you a measure of security can be shaken. We live in uncertain times. What are we to do?

As for me and my house, we shall worship the Lord our God. In Him, we shall wait and trust.

Over the next few posts, I will share a little about what had happened even as I am still working through the details of certain decisions. Among the many things that unfolded, some were concerning my brother’s side of the family. I will leave those out of respect for their privacy.