Seth Barnes just wrote a piece on A Christian Perspective on the 2009 Recession. Seth is trained in economics and business but a minister by vocation, so you can expect an honest and inteligent take on the situation yet at the same time it doesn’t rob you of hope. This especially resonates with me,

A second observation is that the pain we’re going through creates an opportunity to offer to others the thing we Christians have in abundance – our hope. Not hope for a better salary or even a job necessarily, but hope that there is a God in  heaven who created you and me and made us for more than a slog through a life of nihilism.  Hope in a God who is in the business of redeeming adverse circumstances, a God who delights in showing himself personal and involved.

As a minister who is heavily involved with missions, his voice is distinctively different from many affluent preachers we hear today. Having worked with those who are really in need, he knows first hand the reality of suffering and poverty. He applauds those who are good at making money and using it to build the kingdom of God. At the same time, to those anxious to be delivered from this crisis, he made no promises of a quick fix but only a call to remember what out true hope is in Christ. In his own words, “We have a master who has given generations the serenity to face death itself with a smile.”

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