Grace sometimes results in complacency, dependancy and self-centeredness. How does one avoid that?

Recently, I went out of my way to extend help to a stranger in need, more than what many people are willing to do. I believe I have exercised discernment in the way I handled her and did not help her beyond what was necessary and healthy. I have shown her grace when she felt most undeserving. I have hoped, with what I have done for her so far she can at least have a chance to pick herself up and start over. Instead of doing what she can to help improve her circumstances, she grew emotionally and for a while, financially, dependant on me. She spends a lot of time and energy regretting her past and indulging in self-pity. I have tried to point her to Jesus but she kept asking why God does not bless her and fail to realize what God has already done for her through me. Perhaps she expected more. I know she is depressed and lonely. To be truly honest, I am not prepared to get so involved with a complete stranger and someone who is so emotionally needy. My way of showing her grace at this point is to continue to pray for her, communicate with her and encourage her through text messages, but I am not ready to be there for her in person. This incident has exposed me. I saw that I have been more comfortable with the idea of charity and compassion than actually doing the hard work of getting personally involved in peoples’ life and discipling them. It further seals the fact that I can never be Jesus. Unlike Jesus who is inexhaustible, I do not have so much for people to draw from. I kept pointing her to Jesus so that she can learn to draw from him herself. I know she will find real food there because of the difference it has made in my own life. But I am her only link to Jesus at this point and that is a scary thought. I can’t live up to that expectation. The pressure will kill me. I can only be that link for her to a certain extent. I have been encouraging her to join the church near her home whenever she can but so far she has only kept asking why God does not bless her.