These days, to avoid the church queue,  I attend services at our overflow room at Gallery West instead of the main auditorium. Who knows, there was a long queue there as well.  Reason? Pastor’s sermon overran by almost half an hour. He always does that! I was bored from the waiting and started playing with my mobile camera. Later on, I felt a little mischievous and decided to go against the church rule of  “no unauthorized photography and audio/video recordings within service premisses.” I secretly turned on the video function on my mobile as I made my way into the service venue when the queue started moving. Unfortuantely it is no good to show you because it is lopsided. It’s almost impossible to keep the camera upright and undetected. Who knows, I might attempt again if  I am ever in one of those moods again. Shh…don’t tell anyone. 

Outside Gallery West. The bright yellow lights on the left is actually Pearl River Restaurant. Poor thing they had to deal with this every Sunday.

The other part of the queue. Right below is the ballroom where we usually hold our Chinese service but it was reserved for another event yesterday.

Looking down from where I was. That’s the atrium next to Balaclava.