As promised, here’s another “tale”. This piece was shared by our senior pastor, Joseph Prince himself. I will try my best to remember the details since it was a couple of years back that I heard this. But it will not take away from the essential part of the story.

Rejected By The “gods”

This story is related to the 1981 Adrian Lim ritual murder. I’ll provide you with a brief overview of the case before I proceed to tell my pastor’s story.

It was the year 1981 when the bodies of 2 children were discovered in Toa Payoh. Agnes Ng and Ghazali Marzuiki, aged 9 and 10, were both tricked by Hoe Kah Hong, Adrian Lim’s mistress, to his flat. Agnes was later found in a bag with signs of sexual violation; Ghazali’s body was found under a tree with indications of burns and bruises on his body. In Adrian Lim’s home lay the remnants of a creepy spiritual playground. Pictures of celestial beings lay a strewn in blood; relics of various idols greeted each other at every corner. Adrian Lim, who was heavily involved in the occult, his wife Catherine Tan and mistress Hoe Kah Hong, were hanged in 1988. The women were refused appeals by the Court of Criminal Appeal, The London Privy Counsel and clemency from President Wee Kim Wee. Adrian Lim was reported by The Straits Times to have gone smiling to his death.

My pastor was once a relief teacher at a local primary school. His taught the class of one of Adrian Lim’s would-be victims. This is my retelling of that story.

The school bell rang and the students quietly filed into their respective classroom. Joseph waited till all his students were in and proceeded to mark their attendance. There was one absentee that day. (We shall call her Suzie) Jospeh did not think much of it. But later that day, he felt a strong impression to pray for Suzie. He did not understand why he felt that way, since it is very normal for a class to have one or two absentees in a day. Nevertheless, he obeyed that leading.

“Heavenly Father, Suzie, one of my students is absent today. I plead the blood of Jesus over her and ask that you keep her under your protection.”
(This is how I imagined the prayer to be. I remember pastor mentioned something about covering her with the redeeming blood of Christ and that the prayer was very simple and brief)

Over the next 2 days, Suzie did not show up at school. By this time Jospeh was getting a little concerned. The following day there were several police officers at the school. It was then that he learned of Suzie’s narrow escape. When he was finally alone with the child he asked her about what has happened.

“Suzie, why did you follow them?”

“The lady gave me something to smell and I just followed her” (that’s clearly a spell!)

“What happened after that?”

“She brought me to a flat with many gods.”

“What were they doing in there?”

“They brought me to the alter. The man seems to be talking to the gods.”

“Well, what did the gods say?”

“After a while, the man turned to the lady and said that they cannot use me. The gods didn’t want me and so they let me go.”

One recorded incident of the murders is the drinking of the blood of the victims. We find it odd that the killer would just release the child like that when the other 2 did not survive. We attributed the release to Suzie being “covered with the blood of Christ”, rendering her useless to the gods (demonic spirits). Pastor also noticed that the time Suzie was brought to the alter was around the same time he was praying for her.

The pleading/covering with the blood of Christ is a common Christian prayer, especially among Pentecostals and Chrismatics. The blood of Christ, a token of his redemptive work, is also a reminder of Satan’s defeat. During the last plaque of Egypt, God instructed Moses to apply the blood of a spotless lamb (a picture of Christ) on the doorpost of every Isrealite home so that the angel of death upon seeing the blood will passover that household. (This passover has been commemorated by Jews every year since, even untill today. It is called the Passover feast) It meant that sin has been paid there, therefore the angel of death has no right to bring the plague upon them. They have been “set apart” from the rest of the inhabitants in the land. Those who did not do have the blood was hit by the plague which claimed the life of their firstborn. That was a shadow of the new testament reality where the believer, redeemed by the blood of Christ, is set apart unto God. Satan no longer has legal right over us.

We concluded that it was by God’s grace that the Holy Spirit prompted pastor to pray for the girl and by His grace also that he has protected her from being made the devils victim.


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